PosteRazor comes with a lot of translations. Except English and German, all translations are contributions by PosteRazor users. You are welcome to translate PosteRazor into Your language, and also to correct and complete existing translations.

The future versions of the program are translated with the tool Qt Linguist. You can download it here, for Windows and OSX (Linux users should find it in the distribution). In order to create a new translation, just download the en.ts file below, rename it, fill it and mail it to me. In order to correct or complete existing translations, just edit one of the other .ts files. I will add the translations, and mention you in the credits on this website and in the PosteRazor "About" dialog.

da.ts (Danish)
Henrik Troels-Hansen
de.ts (German)
Alessandro Portale
en.ts (English)
Alessandro Portale
es.ts (Spanish)
Hispánico Web
fi.ts (Finnish)
fr.ts (French)
Martin Loyer
it.ts (Italian)
Stefano Nosei
nl.ts (Dutch/Belgian)
Erik Wijkamp
pl.ts (Polish)
Grzegorz Wacikowski
pt_BR.ts (Brazilian Portuguese)
Éderson Gomes dos Santos
pt_PT.ts (European Portuguese)
Helder Correia
ru_RU.ts (Russian)
Artem Semendyaev
zh_CN.ts (Simplified Chinese)
Sun Li
zh_TW.ts (Traditional Chinese)
Chung-Yu Hsu